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Night Drop Retrieval System
  • Single-custody deposit retrieval systems for night depositories.
  • Self-locking bags. No manifesting.
  • Quicker pickup time (2min vs 20min). Lower transportation costs.
  • Full-time electronic tamper-monitoring. No missing deposits.
  • Eliminates bank personnel from the deposit retrieval procedures. Carriers assume all risks.

How the Night Deposit Retrieval System Works

CRAIGCRAFT systems are designed to fit any existing night depository. A metal frame is permanently mounted inside the night depository, directly under the drop chute. The bag slides into the frame and automatically locks into place. During the deposit period all deposits fall directly into the security bag. When the armored carrier arrives to retrieve the deposits, a special unbreakable lid (stored in the front pocket of the bag) is inserted into a narrow slot at the top of the bag. The lid automatically locks into place and then the bag is released from the frame with all deposits safely locked inside...ready for transfer to the processing site. The entire procedure can be done under single custody.

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