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Exposes bogus Currencies, Travelers Cheques, Money Orders, ID's, Passports, Drivers Licenses, Lottery Tickets, Money Orders, Work Permits, Health Cards, Company Cheques, Major Credit Cards (Master Card, Discovery, Diners, American Express etc.)

With rapid advances in digital reproduction technology, counterfeit documents look more like genuine bills than ever before. Counterfeiters purchase the latest computer and printer technology to produce computer generated bank notes.

  • Genuine currencies etc. have no reflection under Ultraviolet light.
    For example:

    1. EURO paper does not become fluorescent, i.e. it emits and is 'UV Dull'.

    2. The fibres embedded in the paper are fluorescent and are visible in three colours (red, blue and green).

    3. On the front of the banknote two inks become visible, the blue ink becomes green and the yellow ink becomes orange. The European flag and the signature of the ECB President are green and the stars are orange. Other features on the front of the banknote will also be visible, however this will vary between the various denominations.

    4. On the reverse side, only the ink will be visible. The map of Europe, the bridge the denomination appears in yellow.

  • Most currencies display holograms and/or fluorescent fibres, which are visible under the CRAIGCRAFT Counterfeit Detector.

  • Immediately detects holograms, security threads and fluorescent fibers.

  • Approved by Government Standards (CSA, NRTL, U.L. and C.E.)

  • High Density UV bulb lasts up to 10, 000 hours.

  • Lifetime Warranty.

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